Recovery Platform

“Energize yourself! Energize Ukraine!”

“Energize yourself! Energize Ukraine!”

War is an extreme situation with a high degree of uncertainty, a large amount of information, and widespread propaganda. There are already many initiatives and organizations in Ukraine and in friendly countries that have joined the response to the challenges of war.

At the same time, the country’s transition to peacetime is also a serious challenge. Therefore, it is time to think about tools for the transition to peaceful reconstruction that will consolidate society and transparently communicate pre- and post-war history, and help find new pillars to overcome the consequences of the humanitarian crisis caused by armed aggression.

The key to this process is transforming public energy from the emergency response in times of war to the country’s recovery.

The platform is a space that helps Ukrainians recover and unite to rebuild Ukraine. It inspires Ukrainians and unites them around personal recovery, communities, and Ukraine.

Платформа – це простір, який допомагає відновлюватись українцям та об’єднуватись для відбудови України. Він наснажує українців та об’єднує їх навколо особистого відновлення, спільнот і України. 

Goal: to help Ukrainians cope with the challenges of the war and promote their self-organization to engage in the reconstruction process.

Users of the platform will be able to:

  • read the stories of eyewitnesses and participants of various events
  • share their own stories through interviews
  • help those who need it
  • seek help/support for their initiatives.


through three key layers:

  • The Past – the block outlines the life of peaceful cities and communities, the events just before the attack, and the unexpectedness and unplanned nature of the war for Ukrainians.
  • The war – based on verified data, information about war crimes and human stories, stories about the military and civilians, and foreign assistance to Ukraine is presented. But the key focus is on the events in Ukraine. Crimes and deeds, collaboration and resistance, and mutual assistance to each other.
  • Reconstruction – the platform is transforming from an archive and storytelling to a communication platform. A space will be created for contacts and interaction on visions, plans, projects, and a meeting place for requests and suggestions. Possible formats include message boards, crowdfunding, online/offline facilitation options, and participatory practices.